How to learn Phulwari Madhubani paintings?

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Phulwari Madhubani Paintings

The Madhubani or Mithila Kala is a very famous kind of folk art form that has originated from the state of Bihar in India. Many women and men in the Mithila region practice it. The art started during the time of marriage of Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, who was princess of the Mithila region in Bihar, India. The king Janaka wanted whole kingdom to be as colourful as a person wouldn't have even imagined. He invited some fine artisans from different places to paint the walls of the kingdom with their unique style of imagination and sense. They planned to create such an art form that would resemble day to day actions and events of people and vice versa. That's how the famous folk art of Madhubani came into existence.

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